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A full range of Cloud infrastructure services​ for your business

Cloud Consultancy

Expert insights tailored to your cloud journey. Navigate complexities with confidence and start your cloud adoption journey.
Cloud Consultancy services

AWS Training

Equip your team with cloud mastery. Comprehensive and Authorized courses across major platforms.
AWS Training

Managed Services

With 24x7x365 access to AWS certified professionals, Brainfloss is your helping hand in the cloud.
Managed services

Who we are

A team of specialists, passionate about cloud technologies & ecosystem.

At Brainfloss, we are more than just a cloud consulting firm. We are visionaries in the ever-evolving digital realm. With every line of code and every strategy we devise, we strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible in cloud technology. Specializing in cloud solutions and broader enterprise architecture, our team passionately brings innovation, scalability, and reliability to the forefront. When it comes to molding the future of cloud computing, we don’t just follow the trends – we set them.

Why choose us

Cutting-Edge Techniques, Lasting Impact



Completed Projects

Over a span of diverse industries and intricate challenges, we’ve successfully completed more than 100 cloud projects. Each endeavor enriched our knowledge bank, sharpening our ability to tailor solutions that drive tangible results. Our expertise is carved from real-world experiences, assuring you of our capability to transform cloud challenges into strategic assets.



People Trained

Empowering professionals has always been at the core of our mission. Having trained over 100,000 individuals, our authorized courses are meticulously designed to ensure practical learning. From beginners getting their first taste of cloud computing to veterans aiming to stay abreast of the latest trends, we’ve shaped cloud journeys for all.



Satisfied Customers

Our work goes beyond the realms of technology and strategy; it’s about forging lasting relationships. With a 97% client satisfaction rate, we’ve consistently demonstrated our commitment to understanding individual client visions, and aligning our solutions to resonate with their unique goals. At Brainfloss, your success and satisfaction are the barometers of our excellence.

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